Sunday, January 18, 2009

Say a Prayer for baby Harper

There is a girl who had a little girl last week. Her baby was flown to a Tulsa hospital and is in critical condition with a heart problem. I was reading this and the flurry of my emotions came back to me. I remember when Gavin was admitted in ICU and for 3 days I thought it was life threatning only to find out we were lucky and he was going to be just fine. Then 2 years later our baby girl was diagnosed with a rare form of spina bifida. (Tethered Spine) For 3 months Mike and I were in the dark and only heard horror story after story. We finally found a doctor and we put all our faith in him and God. I beleive this is where my true relationship with God happened. Sure, I have always had a relationship with God but I never knew his true power. However, my family, friends and friends of friends all were praying and she underwent at 6 months an 8 hour long surgery. It was the longest wait but when Reese woke up she was all smiles. We stayed in the hospital with her for a week and how blessed we were. We were surrounded by children way worst then her and we realized God had worked a miracle but she was our miracle. She opened our eyes to how lucky we are. Today 1 year later she is running, jumping, laughing and she is the light of our family. We will continue to monitor with the doctors but she will be okay. Please, pray for this little baby Harper as I know they need the strength.

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