Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Playday

On Monday, Zach had off from school and I did not have to work and this equals fun!!! I started the day having breakfast with my loving husband, which I had to cut short to run and get pampered with a pedicure. Wow, we should start every morning like this. Zach, Gavin and I had a lunch date with Granny, which we were so excited. Granny did not realize she was going to be the Granny-bank. The restaurant she picked had games... shooting games... golf.. the boys were in heaven. At one point all Grannies quarters had been exhausted and Zach said "Granny, the game takes credit cards, you just put it here". Guess what she fell for it and went over and inserted her card. Is this my mom? When I was a kid, this would of never worked. I guess that is why it is so fun to be Grandparent. After lunch, we walked around and the Zach is already saying "we have to go into another girl store". Where do they teach this? This must be a kindergarten requirement. Boys do not shop with their mommies. After leaving Granny we then met Daddy at the moves and saw the The Dog Hotel. The movie was very cute but once again Gavin asked me 100 times is the movie over every time he heard music. The boy cannot sit still for his life. We then drove home to enjoy the rest of our day with Reese. We had so much fun and I can't wait to have another play date with Granny, my wonderful Hubby, Zach, Gavin and Reese!

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