Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It has been sooo long

Life has been so hectic and crazy. I have not had much time to say or take pictures for my blog. However, I will be back soon. Reese is growing so big and so fun. Tonight we went running on a trail in our neighborhood and she had so much fun. She loved the squirrels, leaves blowing, other joggers and the kids riding their bikes. The boys met us with Mike after at the park and went fishing. Zach caught a huge catfish. This is what life is about..Having fun with your family and enjoying God's gift to us of love and nature. Sometimes the littlest moments make you realize how lucky you are. Running seems to make me feel free and one with nature, God and my feelings. It clears my head even in the midst of pure craziness.

On another note I will be making this blog private as I feel it is time to only allow the people I invite to view the blog.

Okay-time to go to bed so I can wake up again and run. I have been trying really hard to stay on track. London marathon here I come.....well maybe in a couple of years.