Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long weekend...

Lately I feel like our life is a whirl wind. We left this morning for church and we were in the car for 2 minutes and Gavin said "Mommy, how long is it?" Okay-that tells me we have been in the car too much this weekend. Mike and I are enjoying our financial peace class so much but it causing a little kink in our normal weekend routine. Today we went to church and then went by my sisters house to enjoy some family time with her and my parents. It was great and I definitely need to add to my list, do more with fam. So here is my to do list..

Continue to Run

Continue to eat healthy

Enjoy my husband

Enjoy my kids

See my family more

Continue our journey of debt free (No car payments, No student loans and no mortgage)

Decorate my house more

Organize my closets, laundry room etc

As you can see I have quite a list. I am going to have to start managing my time better. Sorry, I have no pictures but I took my camera this weekend to the birthday party and realized I left the battery at home charging. Hmmm, maybe I should add to the list..find my brain... Ever since I had Reese, I have been so forgetful. I am not sure if this is a 3rd child or just me. Also, my husband has been slaving to make a chicken/sausage gumbo made by Emiril Organic. Yes, he just got done 3 1/2 hours later and it is delicious. I will have a yummy lunch tommorrow. He has become my personal chef.

It is late and I am probably rambling. See the cute pic of the boys when they were younger. How they grow and still take baths together. However, I thank after tonight Gavin will be taking a shower. Zach thought it would be funny to pee on his head....Boys-that is all I can say.

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