Monday, January 26, 2015

Family Flu and still going strong on Whole 30

My poor bug a boo is home sick with the flu....this has made it a little harder for me....I need to go to the store and I feel like I have been in the house all week.  Today is a little more challenging as I am a little bored with my food choices....this morning I tried making a pancake and it failed (1egg / 1 banana/ blueberries)  Mash all together and you get a pancake but I messed up.  I ended up making my default 2 eggs over easy.  For lunch I made a sweet potatoe and left over mustard pork chop which was yummy.  I was craving chocolate last night but I fought it and was fine......I am on Day 4 going into Day 5 so I think this is to be expected.

This weekend I am going to kick it up a notch and make sweet potato nachos, roast and some other fun recipes.  I will take pictures and update you on how they taste.  I still feel great just would love to go have a margarita, fajitas with cheese but I am strong and realize this is only 26 more days. has wonderful recipes, per the below!

On another note I am getting so excited to travel to Cabo with my besties and husband for our "40".  Yes, you heard that right, forty! That is part of my mid-life crisis of challenging myself for health, professionally and personally.  I will save that for another day.

Quote of the day by Edward Stanly
Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I feel great on Whole 30.....Day 3

Okay, this is not as hard as I thought. Could it be I was ready? After 3 days, I have a slight head ache but my bloat feels so much better and I have energy. My husband and I made it very easy to follow the first week as we knew any crazy recipes would effect our ability to stay on track.

Our week of eating:


Breakfast- 2 egg omelet with spinach and bacon ...1/2 orange

Lunch - Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato pico

Dinner - Grilled chicken with carrots/mushrooms, zucchini grilled


Breakfast- 2 boiled eggs and a coffee...harder this morning as I rushed out the door for a meeting

Lunch- Grilled chicken, lettuce, and tomato

Snack - Handful of nuts/banana

Dinner- Grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and sweet potato mashed


Breakfast - 2 eggs over easy/spinach

Lunch- ground beef salad, with lettuce and avocado

Dinner - Mustard Pork Chops..yummy, butternut squash with spinach

Notice a common theme, same items over and over....I am okay with this and yes I am sure I will get bored and then I will shake it up.....On another note you really should not weigh yourself but I was curious and I lost 5lbs....That is motivating :)


Monday, January 19, 2015

Whole 30....The journey to a healthier me and husband

Tomorrow we start a journey to strive for better health.  As I have gotten older my weight has increased but also my energy is non-existent.  Mike and I have decided to make a commitment of 30 days and then continue....I know it will be hard as I love my coffee with cream and sugar but I can do this.  If we can overcome all the obstacles over the years we can do this for 30 days.  I will post every day to share my journey and keep me accountable.  Here is to an exciting journey of change!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year = Healthy living

Today was my official day 2 of the Beach body cleanse.  I have been wanting to try this cleanse for awhile and so far so good.  Now I would be lying if I did not tell you that it takes allot of preparation and organization.  However, I feel great.  My new years goals included getting healthy and documenting the process to keep me accountable.  Pictures soon when I gain the courage but I will definitely update the posts with pictures of meals,etc. 

Also, on a decorating note...I have redone our dining room and will posts pics soon.

Happy New Year!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Am I becoming demositcated?

Mike and I decided to start eating at home more.  There are many reasons but the biggest was to save money and eat healthier.  I have never liked to cook that much but I have always loved baking.  However, when we made this decision to eat more at home my hubby was too busy to cook due to his new job. Therefore, if we were going to eat I had to kick it into gear.  
To my surprise I love it.  I have truly had fun researching what we are going to eat and how I can make different meals out of leftovers.  Tonight we had homemade barbecue chicken pizza that was leftover barbecue from last night.  Yes, you heard right that it was homemade, which included the pizza dough.  I should of taken a picture so you could see how pretty and easy. 
I made the dough and then rolled it out and added barbecue sauce, barbecue chicken, red onions, mozzarella and cilantro.  It was yummy and healthy as the crust was using wheat flour.

On another front I have so many craft ideas and not enough time.  My to do list is getting longer for my vacation.  I want to paint the living room, add fabric backing to our bookshelves in the living room, new curtains for the dining room, recover the dining room chairs and decorate my study.

I will definitely post pictures of progress soon but I leave you with some eye candy.

This would be a great seating in our sun room..

Love the rug, books on the bookshelves..

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

We have had a lot going on this weekend.  We started with Mike coming home from being gone for a week.  I was so happy as I have been battling some migraines and he took the kids to the VBS carnival to give me some alone time.  On Saturday, we woke up and I finished...well almost finished my grandmothers antique desk.  I only have to complete the gold rub-n-buff in the crevacies.  Then we had baseball until almost midnight.  The kids had so much fun running around with friends but we paid for it today.  More baseball, tired kids, Mommy still had a migraine = chaos but we ended with taking Daddy to dinner and relaxing by the pool. 

I have to say the boys love being with their Daddy.  All they ever want to do is throw the base ball, catch, pitch and it is so cute.  Reese is also wanting his time in throwing to her or watching her swim.  He is their rock.  He is the strong one who follows through much better than Mommy but he has a heart of gold toward those kids.  Tonight some of our girl neighbors who Reese loves were not as nice.  They are older and when she cam up to them they were chanting "Reese alert".  Needless to say Reese came running in crying that she has no friends.  It made my heart melt as she is only 5.  Mike immediately told the boys they were not aloud to play with them if they were not going to include there sister.  He then went up to the girls (we have known them along time) and told them that they hurt Reese's feelings and made a 5 year old cry.  That is her Dad sticking up for her and the girls came right over and apologized.  I am sure they were worried Mr. Mike was going to say something else to them, he can be kindof scary when you mess with his kids :).  Hate to see when a boy breaks her heart.

Finished antique desk!!!

New adopted puppy :)

Silly sweet girl!!

Beautiful fun girl!


Friday, May 25, 2012

End of the School Year

I have such mixed emotions this time of year.  On one hand I love the lack of schedules, lazy summer days (kind of once baseball is over), pool time, being with friends.  However, since Mike and I both work, I get sad that I cannot spend more time with the kids and the lack of schedule effects us a little as the kids stay up later and then we are tired the next day. 
We have started our Summer "wish list" and will put it in full swing next week.  First on the list is to go pick strawberries and blueberries.  I cannot wait to cook with the fresh fruit, make jam and anything else I can think of.  
We are also struggling with what to do with the kids.  Keep them at school or let our old Nanny take care of them.  I like the idea of the Nanny being able to take them to the pool, camps and other activities but she is kind of a push over.  Therefore, I am going to have to really set boundaries for her and the kids.  It should help that I am working from the house or is going to wear me out?

Well I am back to trying to make working out a priority.  I have lost 11lbs of the weight I had gained back and today I met up with one of my girlfriends and we did 30 minutes of core training and an hour of 30 minute strength training and 30 cardio classes.  I was so worn out and dripping with sweat.  It is good for me to see how out of shape I get.  The room was hot but I feel great now.
Wish me luck as I am trying to eat clean and I have definitely noticed when I eat clean I feel good and when I don't I feel tired, sluggish and bloated.  I will keep you posted on my journey.  I have decided I am turning 37 this year and this will be the year I quit talking about losing the weight and "Do it".  It is funny how when I want something related to work I usually strive hard and obtain the goal but in my personal struggle with weight it is much harder but I think it is all in my head.

Reese and her afternoon teacher on Graduation day.

Reese and her bestie.  They are so cute.  Reese is tiny next to her and Haley will run and pick her up.  So cute to see friendships budding.

Reese and her class singing.  Of course somehow I missed the whole performance.  I thought I was taping and I was not.

Happy Friday and have a great Memorial Weekend!

Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the School Year

This time of year is so crazy.  We have had end of the year field day, parties, registration, baseball tournaments and trying to fit in some family time.  This time of year is so overwhelming but I would not trade the memories, however, I would like some more sleep.  Reese graduates tomorrow and I have mixed emotions.  My baby is growing up and is starting kindergarten.  Tonight while taking care of all my flowers, which I will talk about in later, I stared outside watching Mike throw balls to the boys and Reese racing on her bike around the circle.  It has become our favorite time of the day to sit outside and play baseball, ride bikes, and water the plants.  Sometimes I will bring my book but normally I just watch the kids and Daddy giving lessons, stern words of encouragement on baseball and I smile.  These are the times I know we will all remember when we are older.

My flowers are work....I love to garden but this year has been hard.  I have bought new types of  flowers and I think they do not like my soil.  I have tried miracle grow and it really did not help.  So, I will be replacing some of them this weekend with heartier ones but I am loving all the color around my house.  I have to say it looks great.  I have also decorated the front porch with an outdoor rug which makes it feel like a room.  I will post pictures soon but this weekend we are going to work on the back yard.  I would love for my backyard to have the below flowers.  We will see how mine ends up.

Happy Monday and I will post pics of the kiddos and Graduation tomorrow!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick post...Gardening love

As many of you are aware, I loooove gardening.  Unfortunately, I do not have much time for it but I wanted to show you my latest flowers.  I love their blooms.  I should of shot with my camera but only had my i-phone so they are even more vibrant in person.  The kiddos share in my passion of flowers and help me plant and watch them grow.  I also have a handful of gladiolas blooming.  I want to cut to bring in but then I cannot enjoy in the front yard. 

Isn't this gorgeous...It is a passion flower and grows on a vine.  I love it.

This is a Maui Ixora.  She can withstand the wonderful high temps we have.  Another new love..

Ferns, rosemary and roses.  Who could not love. 

Happy Thursday!!! Did I inspire anyone to garden this weekend.  Hop on over as we will be working in our backyard for Mothers Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What has been going on...

It has been a crazy week and therefore I have not had time to blog.  Work has gotten busier, Gavin tried out for a summer baseball league, Zach had tournaments all weekend and it has been our normal activity filled week.  I have had a hard time slowing down and smelling the roses.  Last night Reese kept begging me to play cards with her and I was very grumpy for some reason.  I finally gave in and made my coffee, grabbed a blanket and went outside on the patio curled up and played cards.  She was in heaven and her laughter instantly made me melt.  Once again I realized she only wants my attention and us sharing a card game together got me in a good mood.  Of course with Summer right around the corner the kiddos are staying up later and later which is making me so tired.....  

We found out Gavin made the team tonight but as an alternate.  So proud he made the team but kind of strange to know he will be on the team and practice with the team but not play all the games.  Good learning experience and I feel guilty that two of his good friends wanted to be on the team and did not make it.  It is so hard at this age to see kiddos want something and not get it.  The great thing is they will be done with tournaments by the end of June.  Woohoo, we will actually be able to enjoy our summer in July as a family.  We are a baseball family and love the game but I get so excited about summer to spend quality time with my family. It is much needed r&r.

So far on our wish list this Summer;  Visit friends at their beach house, visit friends and spend the weekend on the lake, pick blueberries and make jam, cobbler and other yummy goodies, swim, go to trails and bike, spend time with friends and family. 

That is the short list.  I have a fun trip planned with my mom and sister to go antiquing.  Can't wait to share treasures and pictures.  Tonight I am going to bed as I think I still hear Reese.  The girl never sleeps.... she has been in bed for 2 hours and still playing.

More eye candy below.  Love the Kate Spade house and her wall.  I am working on my own art wall and this is such inspiration.

Love the striped walls in the bathroom.  Not sure where this picture came from but it is fun and a bit unexpected and whimsical.  I think it would be great in a mud room or laundry room.  I would definitely feel inspired to fold clothes.

Happy Wednesday close to Happy Thursday!!