Monday, February 23, 2009

Can't wait to have another day off

I stayed home from work since our Nanny Sandra took the week off. It was so much fun but boy am i pooped... I started the morning trying to run. It was so windy which was fun running and then my ankle tweaked and I ran in pain. I have a run this weekend so hopefully this is only temporary. I had taken Zach to school before this so it was off to go home and take a shower and relieve Mike so he could go to work. Gavin, Reese and I all got ready and headed to do our chores. We went to Calloways to pick out bulbs that could still grow being planted this late and flowers. We chose native bulbs in white and yellow that multiply. They look similar to paper whites. We then chose yellow pansies. Reese and Gavin had a blast pulling the carts and running. Then we are off to Target where I only looked at groceries. This is a first as per my budget I am only allocated $150 a week and the other side of Target which I love is not in this budget. Oh, how I will miss the other side... I was shocked when I realized at the checkout that it was already noon. We drove home and had lunch with Daddy. What a treat! Reese was off to nap and then G and I planted. It was so wonderful to spend alone time with G and he loved being with only mommy. He was a great helper except he liked the hose a little more than planting and I lost him on the 2nd planting around the tree. It look beautiful and say a prayer that our bulbs grow. I will keep you updated and hopefully pics will come soon. It was time to pick up Zach and we then headed for an after school treat of ice cream and cookies. After this we came home where I did a Pilate's tape with G (he likes to do Pilate's). Yes, my core is not strong and I need to do this tape twice a day. After this Mike and Zach went to baseball. Reese, G and I played in the backyard, ate dinner, bathed in a red bubbly bath, had pop corn, read books and off to bed. Wow-see why I am exhausted. I get more rest at work. I have off on Friday again so then i can finish the rest of my 100 items to do list not completed today. I need to hire someone for a month to do all our projects, upkeep in our house. I am sad to go back to work as I know I will miss the kiddos tomorrow. It is days like this I realize how much they are growing and how much I miss every day.
Look at my Diego Gardening gloves. I am not going to take them off all day!
Look at me Mom, I am swinging on my tummy.
Wow-Party Time in the bath tub!!
Playing around with my camera in the dark-Subject a tree.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sick little boy

Well, I missed my nine day post until Reese's birthday. On Friday, I came home a little early so Mike and I could take the kiddos to the Park. We had so much fun. I love to go and watch them run, swing and laugh. The wind started to get the best of us and we decided to go and have some food and then came home and went to bed. Today we went to our last day of Financial Peace University and it was such a wonderful ending. It was all about giving and the title was The Misunderstanding, which of course was all about giving. It is so true and I will post more about it when I have more time. Mike and I will miss our 4 hour of one on one time. This has been wonderful for our marriage. As I have said before Mike and I have a marriage like no other except for this one area of Finance but I think now we have an understanding and something to work towards together. I will miss holding hands at the table and looking at each other when something they say is exactly describing us. I know this class was Gods way of letting Mike and I know that it is time to slow down and make sure we are investing in our personal finances, lives and family first.
Tonight was Papa's birthday party and we had a blast except our poor little Zach was complaining of a headache, so I put him to bed in Memaws room. An hour later I am heading to the store for aspirin and when I return he was sound asleep. My poor little boy gets these headaches occasionally and they knock him out. Then we wake him up to go home and on the ride home he keeps getting sick in our car. I hate when my kiddos are sick. He is now sound asleep in our chair in our bedroom. This has been a great investment for the kids. The chair has an ottoman and is great for their bed. Mom, I know you are cringing as this is the nice chair you gave us but we definitely use it. I took some great pics this weekend but I am to tired to upload so you will have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnight....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Miss Sassy with style

10 Days until our baby turns 2
Reese amazes me how she will wrestle with the best of the boys but does it with style. She is not a prissy girl but loves her jewels,clothes and accessories. She will layer her necklaces, grab her little coach purse (hammy down from mommy) and put on her tutu and go running and jumping with her bros. This weekend I went and bought her clothes and when I got home she grabbed them and ran to her room She would not let anyone touch her new digs. Are we in trouble....She also does all this with a sassy behavior. She walks in a room and knows she has everyone wrapped around her fingers. Hmmm, how long until that ends....This is just another reason we love you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

11 Days until my baby girl is 2

Everyday I will post a picture and let you know what I love most about you.

1. You are our sunshine. You came in this world with a smile on your face. You overcame everything thrown at you early in your life with a smile, a giggle and a kiss. When you woke up from 7 hours of surgery, you had a smile. When we come home you run to us giggling and brighten our day. You wake up and I walk in you say "Where's Dada" or "Where's mama" and smile and give us a kiss. You love to run and give brothers kisses with a smile. You light up our lives and our house. We look at you and know we are blessed and life does not get any better than this.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Take a look

I found this site on Etsy and she does wonderful photography. I am thinking a series of 9 pitures framed over my bed would be beautiful. I will start posting before and after pictures. See below for her link.

Our Weekend...

It was the first Saturday we could wake up and stay in our jammies and cook breakfast in 4 weeks. We have been going to the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class and it skipped this weekend. Wow, what a treat. I forget how much I miss making homemade waffles with the kiddos and how much they enjoy it as well. After breakfast we turned up the music and started cleaning. Papa came over and helped Mike fix a couple of items in the house (2 years of house settling leaves lots of caulking and hairline cracks). Zach and Reese love to turn up the Digital tv Kids radio tunes and dance and mommy does not let her kiddos down and joins in. However, I am sure Mike gets a great laugh as I may not be the most coordinated but I sure have fun. That night we got to go on a adults only Date. In the Wofford fashion we were driving to go to dinner and realized I left Mikes card in the front console of my car...Hmmmm we had $50 cash and this does not go far where we were going. You can probably imagine my hubby's comments, but as usual he chalked it up to his goofy wife and we snacked. We then headed to my moms art gallery and had a blast. My mom did a wonderful job and I am so proud of her. I posted her picture below. After the exhibit my Dad was hungry and we headed to Capitol Grill...ummm...we finally get dinner and free on top of that. Sometimes forgetting things comes in handy. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great night!

On Sunday, Gavin was sick so we played hooky from Church. It felt so weird as we have not missed Church in a long time and I love to go. We just vegged all day and as you can see I took no pics. I promise to take some this week and post. I now need to go and workout as my hubby has asked me every two minutes when am I going running? Yes, I have the Cow Town run next week and have not prepared for it but in Dusti fashion I work so much better under stress.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Congratulations Mom-We are so proud of you!

I had to share my excitement for my mom. She has been working over the last couple of years painting. I actually posted some of her earlier works that she gave me. Anyways she is actually having one of her paintings in a gallery exhibit. See below: Mom-We love you and I cannot wait to see it.

Weekend of Fun!

We started the weekend with Mike and I having a date night on Friday. This was so nice. I took off work at 4:30 and went and had a pedicure. After it was over Mike and I met at Patrizio's on the patio and it was so wonderful. Sometimes we forget how nice it is to talk with out three kids interrupting. After dinner we walked around and I bought a couple of really cute shirts at Banana Republic. Then we headed to the bookstore where we love to get a cup of coffee ( i love this) and we will read magazines in overstuffed chair. We were home by 9:30 and in bed by 11:00. Yes, we are getting old and I knew we had to be up early for my sweet good friends daughters birthday. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and have no pics but one i stole from her. I can tell you it was a blast. She had donut holes, sausage rolls and donuts. Who could refuse this spread. She also had someone make each of the kids their own pillow with their names on it and the kids stuffed them. They all had so much fun.
Today we went to church and hung out afterwards to talk with some of our friends and the kids ran around like animals. I know everyone looks at us and wanders how we could allow our children to run but sometimes it is hopeless and they need to have fun. It is harmless. After church we went to eat and walk around the park to enjoy this Southern warm weather. We had so much fun taking pictures. I think we are getting a little better, however, I am still having trouble getting all 3 of them in pics. Oh, well I will keep practicing. I found a website with beautiful photography. I hope I can capture moments like this one day.

Mom & Dad tuckered me out today!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids are so funny

Tonight I got home and the boys had all my couch pillows around the whole living room, in only their underwear, Tupperware and play food everywhere. "Mommy-what would you like to eat"? As I watched my two boys cooking and flipping their spatulas in the air, I realized how lucky I am. I have 3 beautiful, happy and healthy kids. Today was a hard day at work and some days the simplest things bring me back to reality of what is important. In a world where all we see is people losing their jobs, stress for companies to be profitable I feel we forget what really matters. On Wednesday, evening Mike had a business dinner and was out later than normal. I was on my own. I have a new found appreciation for women whose husbands travel or single parents. After a long day of work we ate dinner, bathed, read stories, took medicine, and I put all 3 to bed. After 5 trips to put Gavin back to bed I had enough and begun to threaten anything imaginable. I thought it worked but he must of tip toed out of bed and snuck into his brothers room. However, I let him sleep as I knew it would not matter if I moved him as he would be back. Kids...I could not imagine life without them.
Fun in the bath-We have taken over moms bath. We have 2 bathrooms upstairs but love mommy and daddy's bathroom.

I love my brother!

I never sit down in the bath. What fun would that be?

Monday, February 2, 2009


Tonight when I got home I was surprised to see a "mess". My husband does such a wonderful job watching the kids, so I hate to complain......but it was a mess. Therefore, i decided to turn a new leaf and not say anything. Can you believe it? I tried to sit down with them but ended up being the waitress. Mom, I need nachos, um pop sickle, um a drink and don't forget us says the little girl and other boy. After eating the whole pantry the kiddos allowed me to play around with the camera. I am trying desperately to take pictures daily. I swear I will get that prize winner if I at least take 500 photos a week, maybe. However, i do need to wait until Reese has no boo-boos on her face. Enjoy the random pics!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shhh-he won't notice once he is asleep

Gavin has gotten in a bad habit of getting out of bed at around 12:00am or 3:00am and sneaking into our bed. We talk to him every night about staying in his bed. Anyhow it worked so we thought? We have not seen him in our bed for days until I decided to check on the boys Friday night. Mike and I were up late and what did we find.....I guess he is smarter than us and found someone who does not complain?

Uh oh, she got a boo-boo, from who?

What a weekend. On Saturday, we headed to our Financial Peace class which was great. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed spending the 4 hours with my husband working on our future/retirement. I feel we are becoming more in sync in this area. Anyways the church has 4 ladies that watch the kids while we are in this class. When I went to pick up the kids, I see Gavin and then Zach and uh oh....Who could it be.... Reese! If you can imagine she had a huge red knot on her forehead and her tip of her nose down to the top of her mouth was bright red and scratched. Immediately the ladies explain with a little hesitation that she was climbing on the baby stuffed blocks and the boys (Gavin & Zach) decided to jump on. Sending her in the air and falling, skidding across the carpet. However, the amazing thing is she did not cry. The boys who had injured her ran to her side and told her not to cry because "they would take care of her". Okay, how cute is that. I could not get mad since they atleast ran to her side. I did explain to the sweet ladies this was not unusual and I guess my poor little girl has gotten use to the bumps, bruises and black eyes. However, there is one thing that will make my little girl cry.....Do not get her clothes messy. I have been bargain shopping and finding the cuitest boutique trendy clothes and Reese loves them. Today Gavin pushed her down the slide and at the end to her surprise was muddy water. She ran inside crying...Can you beleive it? I uploaded her pretty face one day later after the fall.