Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Days of Fun at home...

My sister told me tonight that I have not posted pics of the kids lately. I have only posted about decorating. We have had quite a roller coaster of weather here and the kids have been off from school for 2 days. I too have been working from home as well and I could get used to it.

Why I love working from home?

Having little children run to the french doors and stare at me giving kisses as I am on the phone with a client.

Hearing the squels of laughter and yes crying as I am on the phone

Sharing a office with my beloved husband

No commuting

Walking to the kitchen for lunch

Being home at a reasonable hour to make dinner or husband to make dinner

Why my husband does not like me to work at home?

Has to share his desk with me?

I sit in his way to get around in our large office
Trips on all my stuff...

He says he loves seeing me though...hmmmm is this just a plea to say go back to work.

Anyways I have not been able to take many pictures due to my kiddos being sick. Tonight I decided to capture Zach in his new winter hat. I bought it at Target for $1.50 and thought he would never wear it but I could not resist. Gavin attempted to take pictures but he is not feeling well and Reese, lets just get real, not everyone wants to see a sweet adorable girl with green gunk on her nose. We will save that one for only Mommy and Daddy.

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