Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yes, I am back...

We had a crazy busy weekend, well my husband did anyways. It started off with Gavin having his end of the year baseball swim party and I decided to stay home with Reese and Zach. G-man had a blast with all his friends and I think he enjoyed spending time with his friends and daddy alone. We struggle with this since we have 3 kiddos. Sometimes they need to experience life alone and have mommy/daddy alone time. You can really tell they relish these few times. On Saturday, Mike took the boys to see a baseball tournament with some friends. He was scoping out the competition as he and Zachs coach are putting together a team for the summer, "The North Texas Daredevils". He is pretty pumped and has definitely become more competitive with Zach's age. Then Zach and Daddy left for the evening of fun at a baseball game b-day party. Reese and Gavin were so tired and driving me "crazy", I thought why not go swimming to ensure complete wearing out. We had a blast and came home for a slumber party watching a movie, popcorn and they were out by 9:30. Mike and Zach did not get home until 11:30 but Zach received a signed baseball hat and other goodies. On Sunday, Mike, Reese and I all slept until 9:00am. I could not believe it. We ate breakfast and decided it was time for Mommy to go run. We all loaded up and headed to the lake for mommy support. Mike and I ran well Mike kind of and the boys rode their bikes. It was extremely hot but the trail was half shaded. The boys loved it. I think we will do this every weekend and try new trails. This week I have to hit it hard on my marathon training. Please, pray for me as I have been extremely tired and unmotivated. Mike and I also are completing a sprint triathlon with our friends in July which is helping my motivation except cycling/running, hmmm. However, game on "Kimmie & Dan". Just kidding. Below are the only pics I got of my sweet family this weekend.

I found this cute pic of my big boy-had to post.

Gavin pre-trail run cooling down..

Zach and Reese being silly pre-trail ride.

Best buds- (they have such a love/hate relationship)