Thursday, March 26, 2009

So tired.....

Random question on a Thursday night....
I have been so tired for the last month. I have no idea why?? Is it this economy and all I hear at work is negative? Is it me finally settling in with a family, 3 kids, work, etc...? To answer my question I started googling. You know what it said??? Dehydration! I actually believe it, as I drink coffee when I wake up and sip on it until noon. Lunch is maybe on cup of water and then dinner maybe another cup. Then off for another cup of java before bed. I am on a quest and will keep you posted. I am going to try and drink 2 cups of water when I wake up, sip on it all day and try and drink 8-10 glasses. The next debate is sugar.... I have been struggling with my eating habits the last month as I hit a plateau with my eating habits and working out. Therefore, my next quest is to slowly give up sugar. Yes, this will be my hardest habit but I can do it in baby steps. Third is working out.... So I need everyone to please pray for me as I really need to put a pep in my step. This has truly effected my thinking ability at work, my family time with my children and husband. I have never felt this physically tired before??? I think it is worst than pregnancy or sleep deprived feeding of newborn babies... Okay so on this thought it is 10:39 and I should be in bed. So, goodnight and keep me in your thoughts!

See the link below to a very cool You tube message our church posted. It really does speak to you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun on Aunt Amber's last day in Texas

On my Sisters and her Fiancee's last day here we went to an outdoor shopping area and park to enjoy the beautiful Texas weather with the kiddos, Aunt Sylvia and Tony and Haley. I had so much fun taking pics.

Look-we can lay on each other!

I love this picture, Gavin looks so innocent but we all know this is not true.

Aren't my sisters pretty?

Wow-Aunt Amber sure knows how to make me smile.

Amber and Gil posing for the camera.

Too cute-Tony and Haley my niece and nephew.

My dearest Sister and Fiance had a visit

My sister and Fiance visited us for 5 days from Seattle. We had a blast but were very busy. We went to the Ft Worth Stockyards, dinner at Bob's (yummy) and of course had a pomegranate martini (yes, it was pomegranate not grapefruit... hee..hee. only a couple of people will get this joke), a ride in the ambulance and visit to the ER for Reese, visit to Grandma's and fun in the sun. See pics below.

We will miss you Sis!!! Move back to Texas Soon...

My sister, fiancee Gil and Mama

How fun! I got to travel 3 1/2 hours with Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Amber and no brothers.

Leaves are fun...

Yes, I am happy even after a night of no sleep, CT scan for head injury, vomiting 3 times, hitting my head, passing out, riding in ambulance but wow life is good!

East Texas Dogwood-Is anything more beautiful?

I love my Great Mama, she sure loves me.

I am quite fond of my Aunt Amber. I wanted her attention way more than mommies...

Do they look a like??

I love my Auntie, she gives me cool guns.

Being pretty is toooo painful. Auntie Amber bought me some rollers before she left as I love to play with them and they are too cool as they stick to my hair.

Leslie's Sip-n-See

One of my best friends from College came in town with her beautiful baby. We threw a sip-n-see for her and it turned out wonderful. It actually turned out to be there family reunion. Her baby is beautiful and to protect her privacy I cannot post any pics of her but she is a cutie. It actually made me sad to see them go as I realized how far they lived and I would only watch her grow from a far. I miss her dearly but was so glad to be a part of her special day.

Reese's 2 year old birthday party

This year we decided to have a low key birthday party. We have been so busy every weekend that the thought of a huge production tired me out more. I of course searched for a fun birthday outfit because it is an excuse to spend the $$ on something fun and that I would not usually find but I had no luck. The day of her party we had both sets of Grandparents over and my sister and my niece and nephew. It was so much fun and I think Reese thought it was perfect. She is getting so big and turning into a little girl. She loves to dance, fix her hair, dress up, play and of course holler and wrestle with her brothers. What more could we ask for??

Take notice my nephew decided to try on the b-day girls hat. Yes, I will be saving for black mail.

Yes, I made the cake.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Okay, I have taken a loooonnnnggg break....

I promise I will catch up on posting pics and stories. Stay tuned and see what is ahead...

Reese's 2 year old birthday
Pictures of my sister and fiancee visit
Pics of my sweet grandma and kids
Pics of photo shoot with Reese in Grandmas garden
Trauma with the stool and the night in Ambulance/ER with Reese