Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Family Park Day

On Saturday, Mike and I decided it was too beautiful to stay in the house. We took the boys and Reese to the neighborhood trails. Mike, Gavin and Zach took their bikes and I put Reese in the stroller. It turned out perfect as I ran with the stroller and was able to keep up with Gavin and Mike and Zach rode together. Mike also took the opportunity to try and do some off roading on the minor hills with rocks. He is yearning to get a new mountain bike and get on some real trails, without us in tow. Anyways everything was going great, we stopped and took pictures and a water break. After about 2 miles Gavin was beginning to whine and could not make it up the hill. So, if you could imagine mommy put his bike in the back of the stroller and he got in the other seat as I had the double stroller. I was not going to stop running, so I ran all the way back with about 80 to 100 pounds in this stroller. It was quite funny as after I got off the trail on the main road, men in the cars were starring at me either out of pity, stupidity or look at that super mom. I laughed because Mike never looked back he kept on with Zach. I figure if I do this every day I would have to lose my weight!

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