Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

We have had a lot going on this weekend.  We started with Mike coming home from being gone for a week.  I was so happy as I have been battling some migraines and he took the kids to the VBS carnival to give me some alone time.  On Saturday, we woke up and I finished...well almost finished my grandmothers antique desk.  I only have to complete the gold rub-n-buff in the crevacies.  Then we had baseball until almost midnight.  The kids had so much fun running around with friends but we paid for it today.  More baseball, tired kids, Mommy still had a migraine = chaos but we ended with taking Daddy to dinner and relaxing by the pool. 

I have to say the boys love being with their Daddy.  All they ever want to do is throw the base ball, catch, pitch and it is so cute.  Reese is also wanting his time in throwing to her or watching her swim.  He is their rock.  He is the strong one who follows through much better than Mommy but he has a heart of gold toward those kids.  Tonight some of our girl neighbors who Reese loves were not as nice.  They are older and when she cam up to them they were chanting "Reese alert".  Needless to say Reese came running in crying that she has no friends.  It made my heart melt as she is only 5.  Mike immediately told the boys they were not aloud to play with them if they were not going to include there sister.  He then went up to the girls (we have known them along time) and told them that they hurt Reese's feelings and made a 5 year old cry.  That is her Dad sticking up for her and the girls came right over and apologized.  I am sure they were worried Mr. Mike was going to say something else to them, he can be kindof scary when you mess with his kids :).  Hate to see when a boy breaks her heart.

Finished antique desk!!!

New adopted puppy :)

Silly sweet girl!!

Beautiful fun girl!