Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What has been going on...

It has been a crazy week and therefore I have not had time to blog.  Work has gotten busier, Gavin tried out for a summer baseball league, Zach had tournaments all weekend and it has been our normal activity filled week.  I have had a hard time slowing down and smelling the roses.  Last night Reese kept begging me to play cards with her and I was very grumpy for some reason.  I finally gave in and made my coffee, grabbed a blanket and went outside on the patio curled up and played cards.  She was in heaven and her laughter instantly made me melt.  Once again I realized she only wants my attention and us sharing a card game together got me in a good mood.  Of course with Summer right around the corner the kiddos are staying up later and later which is making me so tired.....  

We found out Gavin made the team tonight but as an alternate.  So proud he made the team but kind of strange to know he will be on the team and practice with the team but not play all the games.  Good learning experience and I feel guilty that two of his good friends wanted to be on the team and did not make it.  It is so hard at this age to see kiddos want something and not get it.  The great thing is they will be done with tournaments by the end of June.  Woohoo, we will actually be able to enjoy our summer in July as a family.  We are a baseball family and love the game but I get so excited about summer to spend quality time with my family. It is much needed r&r.

So far on our wish list this Summer;  Visit friends at their beach house, visit friends and spend the weekend on the lake, pick blueberries and make jam, cobbler and other yummy goodies, swim, go to trails and bike, spend time with friends and family. 

That is the short list.  I have a fun trip planned with my mom and sister to go antiquing.  Can't wait to share treasures and pictures.  Tonight I am going to bed as I think I still hear Reese.  The girl never sleeps.... she has been in bed for 2 hours and still playing.

More eye candy below.  Love the Kate Spade house and her wall.  I am working on my own art wall and this is such inspiration.

Love the striped walls in the bathroom.  Not sure where this picture came from but it is fun and a bit unexpected and whimsical.  I think it would be great in a mud room or laundry room.  I would definitely feel inspired to fold clothes.

Happy Wednesday close to Happy Thursday!!

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