Monday, May 21, 2012

End of the School Year

This time of year is so crazy.  We have had end of the year field day, parties, registration, baseball tournaments and trying to fit in some family time.  This time of year is so overwhelming but I would not trade the memories, however, I would like some more sleep.  Reese graduates tomorrow and I have mixed emotions.  My baby is growing up and is starting kindergarten.  Tonight while taking care of all my flowers, which I will talk about in later, I stared outside watching Mike throw balls to the boys and Reese racing on her bike around the circle.  It has become our favorite time of the day to sit outside and play baseball, ride bikes, and water the plants.  Sometimes I will bring my book but normally I just watch the kids and Daddy giving lessons, stern words of encouragement on baseball and I smile.  These are the times I know we will all remember when we are older.

My flowers are work....I love to garden but this year has been hard.  I have bought new types of  flowers and I think they do not like my soil.  I have tried miracle grow and it really did not help.  So, I will be replacing some of them this weekend with heartier ones but I am loving all the color around my house.  I have to say it looks great.  I have also decorated the front porch with an outdoor rug which makes it feel like a room.  I will post pictures soon but this weekend we are going to work on the back yard.  I would love for my backyard to have the below flowers.  We will see how mine ends up.

Happy Monday and I will post pics of the kiddos and Graduation tomorrow!!

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