Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My creative family...

My family is so creative.  My Mom and Sis started a store selling antiques and re-purposed furniture.  My sister cannot keep anything she repurposes in stock as she is so creative.  If you are in the DFW area you must visit Frisco Mercantile, Anniething Goes.  My sister's website is below.


My other sister in the Seattle area has a wonderful soap business. I have been a tester for 2 years and cannot get enough.  The kiddos love her chocolate soap and I love all of them.  Her business is called DD & Lamber. 


It is so interesting to look around at your family and see their strengths.  I am so proud to have such a wonderful creative family as I think we all rub off on each other.

So my dream is to one day work in the housing industry.  This could be decorating, selling, anything.  I love what I do for now but would love to pursue my creative talents later in life.  I am hopeful my dream becomes a reality!!

Because I never not include a pic.  See how cute 2 of my babies are.  It is 90 degrees here and the pool opened today.  They were anxiously waiting for Daddy and brother to get home from baseball and take a swim.  The funny thing is the boys only lasted 10 minutes as it was getting dark and the water was cold.  Baby Sis could of stayed in all night.  Sorry, for the poor pic quality as it was from my iphone.

Happy Wednesday!

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