Friday, May 4, 2012

I have a secret....

I am obsessed with this beauty below.  How can I incorporate it in our next home.  I told my husband that I want it over jewels.  I know you say "Crazy" but it had me when I saw all the shine and character.  What a show stopper and would be a conversation piece.  Now of course I would only put this in the house I plan to live in forever or I would have to carry it around. 

Anyways enough with my dreaming....We have a crazy busy weekend of sports, cleaning the house and trying to finish my antique desk project.  I am trying to have the kiddos help more during the weekend to keep the house clean.  It is hard for us to clean on the weekend with this much sports.  I have a housekeeper every 2 weeks but the house gets dirty on a daily basis.  Also, I am a very picky cleaner and the housekeeper is doing a looks clean job but when you look closer at the baseboards, doors, etc it is really not clean.   Therefore, I am declaring today to create a list.  You have seen them all over Pinterest but I am creating a to do every day for the family and hoping this will help us.  We all feel better and work better as a family when our stuff is organized and clean.   Well I am off to finish all our to do's.  Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!   Happy Friday!

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