Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick post...Gardening love

As many of you are aware, I loooove gardening.  Unfortunately, I do not have much time for it but I wanted to show you my latest flowers.  I love their blooms.  I should of shot with my camera but only had my i-phone so they are even more vibrant in person.  The kiddos share in my passion of flowers and help me plant and watch them grow.  I also have a handful of gladiolas blooming.  I want to cut to bring in but then I cannot enjoy in the front yard. 

Isn't this gorgeous...It is a passion flower and grows on a vine.  I love it.

This is a Maui Ixora.  She can withstand the wonderful high temps we have.  Another new love..

Ferns, rosemary and roses.  Who could not love. 

Happy Thursday!!! Did I inspire anyone to garden this weekend.  Hop on over as we will be working in our backyard for Mothers Day!

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