Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art and it what it means to me.....

As you may or may not know I love art work.  I love all kinds and am not partial to one.  It brings out such a feeling of emotion for me.  I wished I could paint ant maybe one day I will pick up a paint brush.  I love it when you see a home with real art work displayed.  I think it tells so much about someones personality.  Of course art can be very expensive but I have learned their are so many options. Etsy is wonderful and I have got some beautiful pieces.  Ebay/Craigslist could be a place to visit for vintage pictures.  Of course if your Mom paints that is wonderful as I commission one painting a year from her.  Mom...if you are reading we need to plan for Christmas :).  She is wonderful and as soon as my camera is charged I will post some of the beautiful art work she has done for me.  My Grandmother was also wonderful.  When she passed away I took two of hers that were pictures of her school house when she was younger.  She painted her memories.  However, I love to read blogs and today I saw a giveaway for a beautiful painting.  She is doing a give away so I am hoping I win.  Visit her wonderful blog below.

Pawleys Island Posh: Marsh Painting Giveaway:

Christmas picture from Mom.  This picture does not do it justice.

2 years ago Christmas Picture from Mom

Grandmother's artwork

Grandmothers artwork

Mom's first picture she painted me

One of my cuties little paintings he did for me

I am hoping to instill the love I have for art to my children.  Encourage creativity.  That means no helping unless they want it.  It cracks me up to see the projects in Pre-K and even grade school.  You can so tell the Parents pretty much did the whole project.  Mike used to get on to me as our kids would be all scribble and then his friends would be scrapbook worthy.  However, I want my kids to create and use their imagination.  This is what helps them create passion.  I will assist if they are going a little too crazy but I try to keep that as little as possible.  I have a ton of my kids artwork up in our house.  You would be surprised that a simple painting which is just brush strokes, will look wonderful in a frame. 

Anyhoo, my ramblings for the day.  Happy Thursday, only two days until the weekend!!

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