Sunday, November 29, 2009

The sound of quiet amongst the past chaos...

It has been a wonderful Thanksgiving break but hectic and chaotic. Mike and I were both down for the count Thursday after the run and all day Friday. Somehow, I think my girls night out we all caught something. Kim and Les were also sick with the crud and my poor kids had to fend for themselves on Friday, just kidding, only a little. Thursday we had Turkey and birthday cake with Mikes parents. It was nice and quiet which was helpful since Mike and I were absolutely miserable. Zach had a blast opening presents and eating cake twice that day with Memaw and Papa. The Grandparents spoil the kiddos but I guess that is what they are there for. We left and retreated home to bed. On Friday, we woke up even worse and had to call in a favor to one of our Dr. friends, since no doctors were working except urgent care. He is a great friend and saved our kiddos from complete boredom all weekend. We tried to go out and have lunch with the kids and a cookie at the infamous "Tollhouse brothers", yes they know my children. Then off we went to lay on the couch why Zach and Gavin played with all their new toys and Reese slept until 5:30. I think she was as pooped out as us. The medicine actually felt like it kicked in a little but we laid around the majority of night except to finish decorating our porch. I will post pics soon as it is almost complete. We did not want to go to crazy since Christmas is not at our house this year. On Saturday, we got up and went and took pictures on this old bridge and wooded trail area. The kiddos did okay. I am trying to get our Christmas cards out so below I posted a couple of pics of our day but I have learned with 3 it is almost a miracle to get the perfect shot. We ended up spending the day with the kids and then cleaning because Mommy and Daddy had a date night planned, however, due to our illness the date night ended at 10:00 since Mommy was pretty tired. Yes, Mike thought I was a wimp but we climbed into bed and ended up staying up till mid-night watching tv. Today we went to church, which was such a wonderful service and now I am amongst a quiet house. Mike took the boys to a birthday party and Reese is a sleep. I promised the kiddos when they got home we would decorate the house, play Christmas carols and maybe make cookies. I better go and enjoy my last hour of quiet time. I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday and is enjoying the festivities for the holidays.

My big girl-every time I see pictures I cannot believe how big she is..

Attempting at a side view. Do they look the same?

This is out of order but "hooray Zach said as we shot the last pic"

This is the end of our shoot and everyone is done, really "tears".

Horseplaying, how fun.

I am over that girly bow, Daddy's hat is way cooler.

Brothers, they love each other.

Take 2 -attempting to have all eyes on me but always looking at something cooler.

Trying to strike a pose.

We really do love each other occasionally.

All giggles at the beginning.

Aren't we cute.

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  1. Zach and Reese look alike but Gavin doesn't look like them at all. Where did he come from? I hardly recognize him in the last pic. They're all cute and getting so grown up.