Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One More...for tonight (Is this a sight?)

I was going through the rest of some pics and found these from the end of the summer. Across the street 2 girls live. One is in Zach's class and they are best buds and the other is Gavins age. Of course Gavin my little lover is a little gaga over the older one but on this particular day, Mike caught him with the one he is always running from and notice Zach and his friend are sitting separate. It just made me think that Zach will be my shy, sweet, gentleman. Gavin will be the true lover and maybe player??? Time will tell.

Hanging out with friends. (Don't look at the messy playroom they rearranged)

How cute, Gavin is always running from Chels but today laying with her is okay.

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