Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthdays and fun-Catch up Post

My sisters birthday was in September but due to everyone's incredibly busy schedules, we celebrated it with her Husbands birthday in October. We had so much fun and Mike was of course the chef. He pre-made that morning Green Chili chicken enchiladas, Mexican corn souffle and we packed it up and headed over to her house. She just purchased another home over the summer and my Dad had not been able to see it and it looks so good. She has an eye for picking out homes with lots of potential. Her backyard is so quaint and to die for. However, I think our future rock band had more fun. The kiddos think Aunt Sylvia's house is the best. Reese even chants that she wants to go to Aunt Syl's house.

Okay, on another topic, I have a dilemma. What do I wear for my 8k run in 2 weeks. I know it sounds silly but I am stumped as I get really hot while running and it could be cold. Also, I have to look semi decent for the pictures I have asked my hubby to take a picture of me finishing this great feat. I know many of you are probably tired of hearing this but I am so excited. I have been working so hard and with my feet giving me so much grief this summer, I finally feel this high. Running is addicting. It gives me such a wonderful feeling to run and listen to the wind, birds and even the cars. I think it is my one time to escape and think about life or just be silent. Hmmm...if you have any thoughts on my wardrobe, I am all ears.

Cousins-the beginning of a band??

I am not sure what Reese is singing but Haley must be enjoying/hating the way she is looking at her. I thought Reese and Haley look so cute together.

Zach, Gavin, Haley -Oooh scary and Reese, ummm she is not too scared.

Practicing our Singing with the help of Reese.

Zach and Tony (my nephew) Rocking..Of course Zach wants a electric guitar after this experience and is now going to be a Singer when he grows up.

I love it- Cousins. They are so close and we love that on of the Aunts is close. We miss the other Aunties.

I am imagining she is looking at me tell her do not get too close. My children love water and I was waiting for her to fall in. That would be the Wofford "way".

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