Friday, November 27, 2009

I finished....

I finished the 8 mile Turkey Trot and ran the whole time!!!! The last 1 1/2 was a little tough due to the fact I had a problem with too much water and all the lines to the stand alone restrooms were horrible. I then had problems with my sock which I had read in long runs to wear moisture resistance socks that fit. I decided to wear all cotton bigger socks because my running shoes are a little newer and rubbed some ouchies on my back of my ankles. Any hoo the socks were bunching up under my toes and ouch it did not feel good so I had to stop quickly and take off my shoe and reposition my socks but ran in a little pain the last mile. The funny part of the story is there were 37,000 people and boy did my first mile take along time. I think it took 35 minutes since I did not position myself at the front. I had to dodge dogs, strollers and walkers but I feel great. I am sore today and did not feel great yesterday as I developed a sinus infection and did not eat enough so needless to say I felt sick after the run but it has taught me what I need to do to prepare better for the run. It was such a high during the run especially when I ran 2 miles across the bridges. I will post pics once the photographers have them on their website.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day as we did. Our oldest son turned 7 and he had so much fun. He is growing up so fast and we love you Zachary!

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