Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hallooooween-What fun!

What a weekend of fun. After being sick all last week, I welcomed some fun. However, I told Mike we do need to settle down soon. I am tired of running all weekend. We started...okay I started the weekend with a much needed massage on Friday and followed by my sweet hubby and children meeting me for dinner. On Saturday, I woke up bright and early, 6:30am to be exact to run since I took a week off from being ill. It was bitterly cold here but I actually ran my 3 1/2 miles good. I had planned to run 6 miles on Saturday but since I was still getting over my upper respiratory infection, I figured I should hold off. Yes, if you did not know I am training for a 8k Turkey Trot run and then 1/2 marathon. I am having so much fun and finally losing weight. It is awesome to wear clothes that are falling off or trying on clothes that have not fit in years and seeing them fit. I still have a long road but know this time I will succeed. Okay, back to my post about the kiddos. We went to baseball after this and it was so much fun. Zach is loving it and is doing so well. He had a couple weeks where he was struggling and you could tell he was frustrated but it has finally clicked. My little baby is growing up and I love watching it. After the game it was a mad dash home to clean the house for guests that night for Halloween. I have to say Reese looked adorable and the pictures do not do justice. She actually had a stranger from our local paper take her picture and asked if they could publish. I take all the credit as spend weeks trying to figure out what she could be and that kitty tutu was awesome. That night we had friends come over and Zach had one of his good friends Connor and his 3 year old sister over. We had so much fun and the kids were crazy but it was fun. I have to say the men were a little worn out by 9:00 with all the commotion of the kids. They should of joined the girls on the porch, drinking their red wine, we had no problems. On Sunday, we started with breakfast and my little nieces Birthday Party. I cannot believe Haley is 6! The kids are growing up so fast but we love her and had a blast at the party. Gavin is turning 5 this week and it makes me a little sad but he is counting the days. The funny thing is when Zach turned 5, he was a lot more independent. Gavin still loves Mommy to dress him in the morning, which I secretly love but give him grief. He still gets mad if I do not kiss him at least twice in the evening and he still loooooves to cuddle. Well it is late and I still have 500 posts to catch up on with all the pictures I need to update, so keep checking back.

All smiles while decorating for Halloween:

Best Buds-they can do no wrong in each others eyes...yeah right.

Help, we are tangled. Reese is just one of the guys. From L to R Zach, G man, Reese and Connor

Look who is scary..... Reese and Campbell seem bored with this.

We are just hanging with friends (yes below is a girl as MJ and she is super cute and we think her and Zach will be each others first kiss) She has been in his class for 2 years and now lives right across the street and they always play together. Her younger sister is the clown.

My super cute kitty and she actually meows but prefers growling, maybe a lion next year, much feistier than a kitty

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