Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas Pageant

I am so excited as the boys will be in there first Christmas play in a couple of weeks. The boys will be the carolers in the The Christmas pageant which is a production at our church. Zach is super excited and I am not sure yet about Gavin but Mommy is pumped. I love Christmas and my boys will be singing Christmas tunes that I love. They are singing either 4 or 5 songs which one is Away in a Manger, O Come, O Come Emanuel, I know a rose tree springing and It came upon a Midnight clear. I will surely post a live feed. Of course, they asked for parent participation and I am working on costumes. I first was a little worried and told my seamstress sister she would be helping if I was asked to sew costumes but I was spared and only have to direct, help with fitting and maybe some minor hemming. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post but maybe I can get the kids to sing you a song and post it this week. Zach is always up for this. Reese thanks she is in the play as well, so maybe I will have her be my little mini seamstress. She has become such a big girl. On a positive note, our Urologist visit went great this week. Reese's kidneys look great!!! Please, continue to pray with us that she will not have to be catheterized and continue to show great signs of potty training. He was actually positive this time as Mike and I had prepared ourselves for anything. She was a trooper and did not have to do the euro dynamic study which she hates. We will see him in 6 more months. I continue to reflect about how blessed we are. I see other kids that have so many more issues and am thankful that God has blessed us. I know we can deal with anything handed to us and this has only made Mike and I stronger as parents.
Time to go to bed as both the boys are in my bed. Mommy was a wimp and they were complaining the rain was waking them up so I offered up our bed. Mike and I may be sleeping in the twin beds tonight....

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