Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend of Fun!

We started the weekend with Mike and I having a date night on Friday. This was so nice. I took off work at 4:30 and went and had a pedicure. After it was over Mike and I met at Patrizio's on the patio and it was so wonderful. Sometimes we forget how nice it is to talk with out three kids interrupting. After dinner we walked around and I bought a couple of really cute shirts at Banana Republic. Then we headed to the bookstore where we love to get a cup of coffee ( i love this) and we will read magazines in overstuffed chair. We were home by 9:30 and in bed by 11:00. Yes, we are getting old and I knew we had to be up early for my sweet good friends daughters birthday. Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and have no pics but one i stole from her. I can tell you it was a blast. She had donut holes, sausage rolls and donuts. Who could refuse this spread. She also had someone make each of the kids their own pillow with their names on it and the kids stuffed them. They all had so much fun.
Today we went to church and hung out afterwards to talk with some of our friends and the kids ran around like animals. I know everyone looks at us and wanders how we could allow our children to run but sometimes it is hopeless and they need to have fun. It is harmless. After church we went to eat and walk around the park to enjoy this Southern warm weather. We had so much fun taking pictures. I think we are getting a little better, however, I am still having trouble getting all 3 of them in pics. Oh, well I will keep practicing. I found a website with beautiful photography. I hope I can capture moments like this one day.

Mom & Dad tuckered me out today!

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