Monday, February 23, 2009

Can't wait to have another day off

I stayed home from work since our Nanny Sandra took the week off. It was so much fun but boy am i pooped... I started the morning trying to run. It was so windy which was fun running and then my ankle tweaked and I ran in pain. I have a run this weekend so hopefully this is only temporary. I had taken Zach to school before this so it was off to go home and take a shower and relieve Mike so he could go to work. Gavin, Reese and I all got ready and headed to do our chores. We went to Calloways to pick out bulbs that could still grow being planted this late and flowers. We chose native bulbs in white and yellow that multiply. They look similar to paper whites. We then chose yellow pansies. Reese and Gavin had a blast pulling the carts and running. Then we are off to Target where I only looked at groceries. This is a first as per my budget I am only allocated $150 a week and the other side of Target which I love is not in this budget. Oh, how I will miss the other side... I was shocked when I realized at the checkout that it was already noon. We drove home and had lunch with Daddy. What a treat! Reese was off to nap and then G and I planted. It was so wonderful to spend alone time with G and he loved being with only mommy. He was a great helper except he liked the hose a little more than planting and I lost him on the 2nd planting around the tree. It look beautiful and say a prayer that our bulbs grow. I will keep you updated and hopefully pics will come soon. It was time to pick up Zach and we then headed for an after school treat of ice cream and cookies. After this we came home where I did a Pilate's tape with G (he likes to do Pilate's). Yes, my core is not strong and I need to do this tape twice a day. After this Mike and Zach went to baseball. Reese, G and I played in the backyard, ate dinner, bathed in a red bubbly bath, had pop corn, read books and off to bed. Wow-see why I am exhausted. I get more rest at work. I have off on Friday again so then i can finish the rest of my 100 items to do list not completed today. I need to hire someone for a month to do all our projects, upkeep in our house. I am sad to go back to work as I know I will miss the kiddos tomorrow. It is days like this I realize how much they are growing and how much I miss every day.
Look at my Diego Gardening gloves. I am not going to take them off all day!
Look at me Mom, I am swinging on my tummy.
Wow-Party Time in the bath tub!!
Playing around with my camera in the dark-Subject a tree.

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