Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Weekend...

It was the first Saturday we could wake up and stay in our jammies and cook breakfast in 4 weeks. We have been going to the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class and it skipped this weekend. Wow, what a treat. I forget how much I miss making homemade waffles with the kiddos and how much they enjoy it as well. After breakfast we turned up the music and started cleaning. Papa came over and helped Mike fix a couple of items in the house (2 years of house settling leaves lots of caulking and hairline cracks). Zach and Reese love to turn up the Digital tv Kids radio tunes and dance and mommy does not let her kiddos down and joins in. However, I am sure Mike gets a great laugh as I may not be the most coordinated but I sure have fun. That night we got to go on a adults only Date. In the Wofford fashion we were driving to go to dinner and realized I left Mikes card in the front console of my car...Hmmmm we had $50 cash and this does not go far where we were going. You can probably imagine my hubby's comments, but as usual he chalked it up to his goofy wife and we snacked. We then headed to my moms art gallery and had a blast. My mom did a wonderful job and I am so proud of her. I posted her picture below. After the exhibit my Dad was hungry and we headed to Capitol Grill...ummm...we finally get dinner and free on top of that. Sometimes forgetting things comes in handy. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great night!

On Sunday, Gavin was sick so we played hooky from Church. It felt so weird as we have not missed Church in a long time and I love to go. We just vegged all day and as you can see I took no pics. I promise to take some this week and post. I now need to go and workout as my hubby has asked me every two minutes when am I going running? Yes, I have the Cow Town run next week and have not prepared for it but in Dusti fashion I work so much better under stress.

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  1. Thank you again Dusti for your support and comments. We did have a great time on Saturday night and Dad and I love spending time with our kids and hubby's. I did not see the photos for the night though. Will you forward them to me or post soon? Love you much, Mom