Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kids are so funny

Tonight I got home and the boys had all my couch pillows around the whole living room, in only their underwear, Tupperware and play food everywhere. "Mommy-what would you like to eat"? As I watched my two boys cooking and flipping their spatulas in the air, I realized how lucky I am. I have 3 beautiful, happy and healthy kids. Today was a hard day at work and some days the simplest things bring me back to reality of what is important. In a world where all we see is people losing their jobs, stress for companies to be profitable I feel we forget what really matters. On Wednesday, evening Mike had a business dinner and was out later than normal. I was on my own. I have a new found appreciation for women whose husbands travel or single parents. After a long day of work we ate dinner, bathed, read stories, took medicine, and I put all 3 to bed. After 5 trips to put Gavin back to bed I had enough and begun to threaten anything imaginable. I thought it worked but he must of tip toed out of bed and snuck into his brothers room. However, I let him sleep as I knew it would not matter if I moved him as he would be back. Kids...I could not imagine life without them.
Fun in the bath-We have taken over moms bath. We have 2 bathrooms upstairs but love mommy and daddy's bathroom.

I love my brother!

I never sit down in the bath. What fun would that be?

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