Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It has been along time......

I am back.  It has been a crazy last year that has kept me away.  I so missed blogging as this is my way of documenting my kiddos, life, my crazy obsession with decorating and my thoughts.  I never realized how much I enjoyed documenting my thoughts and life until I was not doing it anymore.  

For my family, I promise I will post pics soon of the kiddos. 

Today, I am going to talk about my crazy obsession with decorating.  Ever since we started renting a house my passion to make changes has increased.  The funny thing is I have learned you do not need to spend $1000's of dollars to make your home a show piece.   I have to thank my talented sister for this.  I have always loved decorating but would spend allot of money or wait for years to decorate because it was too expensive.  Now, do not get me wrong, you  should invest in key pieces especially if they will be used allot.   Since we are trying to save all our penny's to buy a house next year, I will leave you with some beautiful pics.  I have been saving every picture I like so I know what I want when we buy or remodel. 

I have no idea what sources these pics came from.  :(

Love the clean, bright entry way with the dark woods.  Classic....

What can I say, except I love the windows, lights and marble...

The all white with a touch of cream on the backsplash is beautiful.  I would have soap stone or dark maple butcher board on the island.

Love the beams and doors leading outside.

Feels like home.  Of course love the windows.  As you can see I love windows not covered up with panels for texture and color.  The outdoors is your canvas.

Simple...Needs some color with mahogany beams or something.  Pendant light is too small

What can I say????Love the ceiling, doors and floors.

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