Friday, April 27, 2012

2 posts in one day...This one is for my sister

Today was a beautiful day.  I worked from home and got a lot done and I decided to water my plants and what did I first bloom on my magnolia tree.  Oh how I love flowers and this time of year.  It makes everything right.

Are these not the pretties dragon begonias?  I love how they drape.

Love the smell of rosemary by the door.

This is a added shot of my son sitting on the trash can in the garage.  He tells me " He is the leader of the spy club and they are having a meeting in the heat of the garage?  Gotta love them as you can't see the younger brothers.  Notice the artwork on the wall.  Reese painted and thought our garage needed a painting. 

Here is one of the younger brothers.  How can you resist that smile.  Not the best picture quality but I could not resist.


  1. Thanks Duck! Oh my gosh..they are growing up so fast! Zach looks so different and his hair is so much darker now. Thanks for posting.

    I love love love your magnolia tree. Where's the bird nests?

  2. Thanks, Amber. I love that Magnolia tree and it is huge on the side yard. I wish it was on the other side as I could stare out my kitchen window. Now the kids get to look at it. The birds are in my hanging fern.