Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Crazy Weekend..

This weekend seems like a blur.  It is like I blink and notice the kids are getting bigger, more mature and downright hilarious.   Reese had her last soccer game and we think someone took over her body.  She rocked the whole game.  I had parents asking me "wow, what happened".   She looked at me at the end and said "I love soccer".  We will see how long that lasts, since we have always thought she was awesome but I think she is a little "lazy".  She likes to do things when she wants to but she sure knows how to shock her Mommy and Daddy when she does them.  We love you to peaches.  Afterwards, gymnastics which I think the girl is a natural.  I love sitting in the room of parents and watching my little girl.  I am the anti-social one because it is my one hour with no other kiddos that I can soak her up by just watching.  It makes me sad that she does not look like a baby anymore but watching her grow into a strong headed, silly, dance crazy, sassy, loving, sweet girl is fun.   I could do with a little less sassy and strong headed but Mike said we are just the same.  Is that true?  Am I strong headed?  Maybe I am as I do sulk when I do not get my way.

After gymnastics, we rushed to G-man's baseball game to watch a super fun competitive game.  I love watching 2 teams who are fighting it out to win.  The boys did great.  G-man got hit by a ball in the face, blood nose and wiggly tooth.

Crazy girl showing her dancing moves.  It looks like in the 2nd picture she is dancing to "low, low"

Then we rushed to Zach's 2nd tournament game where I learned Zach had lost one of his tooth.  What is going on today, we have a common theme.  This is the part I do not like about sports.  I want to keep my boys faces perfect with no scars but does this bring character and stories?  Zach's team had a rough game which I hate to watch.  I sat on the edge of my seat the whole game as who likes to watch their kids get run ruled. 

We have been trying to eat at home for all meals.  I was so worn out and still not feeling good from earlier week of bronchitis and sinus infection, I gave into dinner out.  A nice dinner on the patio and off we went to get in pj's for the remainder of the evening.  Mike and I finally watched "A girl with Dragon tattoo".  Very interesting movie but I am not sure If I liked the ending.  By this time, I officially could not breathe due to all our crazy wind and my weak lungs, I slept all night sitting up. 

On a whole another subject, I started detoxing this week my food since I was sick.  I feel great, less bloated, more energy and I lost 6 lbs.  Woohoo, I am going to keep it going and have started researching more about clean diets for the whole family.  More on that later.

My next project is to start a summer list.  I saw this on a blog and thought what a great idea.  You have the kids tell you what they want to do and of course Mom/Dad sneak some in.  Of course these are simple ideas not all about going on vacation.  To start off we want to go pick berries, make jam, plant a small vegtable garden, go to the park to ride bikes and run as much as possible, kayak (this is me..not sure about the kiddos).  Enjoy family time.  Anyways, you get the point.  I think I am going to turn a big frame I have into a chalk board and right them all down so we can visualize them.  Of course Mom and Dad want a vacation and I am thinking Maine.  It sounds so glorious and romantic.

I have so many ideas that I want to do.  Therefore, for today I am done blogging and I am going to start my first painting job on an old antique desk from my Grandma.  I will post before and afters.  My sister repurposes furniture and is so talented.  She has inspired me and if I botch the job I have an expert to look too.

The second coat of Annie Sloan paint on the desk was added.  Sanding, waxing this week.  Looks great in person and will post a better picture once completed. I added stenciling inside of the desk for fun, a surprise when we open.  It is super easy to paint with Annie Sloan.  Great therapy! :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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