Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Does my little girl look like me?

I have been feeling under the weather.  The allergies are horrible this year and I am ready to feel better and go outside and enjoy without misery.  Oh well, that is my one whine for the day.

It cracks me up when you see pictures of yourself when you are younger but what is more amazing is "who do your kiddos look like".  My oldest definitely looks like my husband, middle "we are not sure" and Reese "who knew" she might look like her mama.   Let's not even get started on how their attitudes take after.  Of course my husband says "Reese is just like her mother".  No way, I am not stubborn and sassy :)....

See for yourself to see if she looks like her Mama.

I am the younger with knee high socks, sporting high fashion.

You gotta love knee highs!

I am all sassy....

Happy Wednesday!

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