Thursday, March 26, 2009

So tired.....

Random question on a Thursday night....
I have been so tired for the last month. I have no idea why?? Is it this economy and all I hear at work is negative? Is it me finally settling in with a family, 3 kids, work, etc...? To answer my question I started googling. You know what it said??? Dehydration! I actually believe it, as I drink coffee when I wake up and sip on it until noon. Lunch is maybe on cup of water and then dinner maybe another cup. Then off for another cup of java before bed. I am on a quest and will keep you posted. I am going to try and drink 2 cups of water when I wake up, sip on it all day and try and drink 8-10 glasses. The next debate is sugar.... I have been struggling with my eating habits the last month as I hit a plateau with my eating habits and working out. Therefore, my next quest is to slowly give up sugar. Yes, this will be my hardest habit but I can do it in baby steps. Third is working out.... So I need everyone to please pray for me as I really need to put a pep in my step. This has truly effected my thinking ability at work, my family time with my children and husband. I have never felt this physically tired before??? I think it is worst than pregnancy or sleep deprived feeding of newborn babies... Okay so on this thought it is 10:39 and I should be in bed. So, goodnight and keep me in your thoughts!

See the link below to a very cool You tube message our church posted. It really does speak to you.

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