Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My dearest Sister and Fiance had a visit

My sister and Fiance visited us for 5 days from Seattle. We had a blast but were very busy. We went to the Ft Worth Stockyards, dinner at Bob's (yummy) and of course had a pomegranate martini (yes, it was pomegranate not grapefruit... hee..hee. only a couple of people will get this joke), a ride in the ambulance and visit to the ER for Reese, visit to Grandma's and fun in the sun. See pics below.

We will miss you Sis!!! Move back to Texas Soon...

My sister, fiancee Gil and Mama

How fun! I got to travel 3 1/2 hours with Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Amber and no brothers.

Leaves are fun...

Yes, I am happy even after a night of no sleep, CT scan for head injury, vomiting 3 times, hitting my head, passing out, riding in ambulance but wow life is good!

East Texas Dogwood-Is anything more beautiful?

I love my Great Mama, she sure loves me.

I am quite fond of my Aunt Amber. I wanted her attention way more than mommies...

Do they look a like??

I love my Auntie, she gives me cool guns.

Being pretty is toooo painful. Auntie Amber bought me some rollers before she left as I love to play with them and they are too cool as they stick to my hair.

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