Monday, April 5, 2010


It has been quite a year...Working, sick children, sick children and sick children. This is our theme for 2010. As I type this I am re-writing our 2010 goals.

-Determined to have kiddos eat more veggies
-Build up their immune system
-Continue to run and run
- Continue to work on our budget
- Read more
- Go on more dates with my husband
- Take a trip
- Take a girls trip
- Take photograph classes- start taking more photog

Anyhoo, enough of my goals. On Friday night I saw a dear friend who visited from Chicago and her family at Kims. I took the boys but Mike and Reese stayed home to get well. The boys had so much fun with the kiddos jumping on the trampoline and playing. We love Aunt Kimmies house as it has miles and mile of fun. I loved seeing Pam's little girl and it made me almost want another baby..I said almost. We made it an early night as I was a party pooper from being the mommy emergency room all week and headed home around 9:00.

On Saturday, mommy stayed home to care for Reese and the boys had a packed full day with Daddy. They went to both their baseball games and a party skating. I have only made 1 baseball game out of 4 due to our illnesses. I am sad as I never miss a game. Daddy had a blast and revisited his youth rollerskating with all the kiddos.

On Sunday, no church as we still had a sick kiddo. The funniest card came in the mail last week from our church, " Please come back, we miss you". This was addressed to the kids. Does this show you our life the last 8 weeks? Church is even wondering where we are?
Enough of my rambling and back to Sunday. The Easter bunny made a visit Saturday night and hid Easter eggs inside and out. He was not as giving this year but he did leave them Chocolate bunnies and lots of eggs. Of course Zachary was so excited the next day we could hear him running all over the house. His comment to me was I have to see where all the eggs are so I can get them all....Gotta love em. Gavin and Reese soon woke up and in all our glory we went Easter egg hunting @ 7:00am in the morning. I am sure the neighbors loved the squealing of joy. Next was their favorite breakfast, homemade waffles, eggs and bacon. We planted some flower on the porch and spent another day at home for recuperation.

Then to our surprise @ 9:00pm Gavin comes down the stairs with 102 fever. I give up, we cannot win. Today, I went and bought Dannon drinkable immunity booster, vitamins with extra vitamin C and vegetable juice. We are on a mission to get our family well and I fit in a run. Yes, I was dying. It is not advisable to stop running all together while training for a marathon. I was literally dying on my 3 mile run in the heat. I feel like I am starting over but at least I am starting.

I did not get any great pictures as we were always in our pjs and little kiddos were sick but enjoy!
Reese @ 7am on Easter ( still sick but a trooper)

The boys on Easter morning (crazy hair and all)

Reese - This is the epitome of my little girl. I got the crazy, silly, prissy, drama little girl but I do love her. Mike says we are funny. We cannot be away from each other but we can't be with each other. She definitely tests me.
Reese with her pal/cousin Haley. She adores her but I kind of chopped the pic.


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