Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

On Tuesday, it was Gavin, Zach and Reese's first day of school. Zach went to first grade, Gavin went to Pre-K and Reese started school 2 times a week. We no longer have our Nanny and wow do I realize how spoiled we were. Getting the kids up, dressed, fed, backpacks, lunches packed and out the door to school. We have one busy morning and we have not even got to work. I will miss Sandra our Nanny dearly and keep asking Mike "when can we hire her back". We are trying to save money with the Economy effecting Mikes job. I will have to say it has been a fun week, however, It is forcing me to be more organized. We are trying to figure out how to to give Zach quite time at night for home work. We gave him the whole summer off from reading and writing and I am not sure if that was a good idea as he is having to work a little harder to write his sentences. Oh, well, live and learn and we will just work with him harder. They had a blast on the first day and I am so glad we are all back on schedule even though it is more work for Mommy and Daddy.

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